Event Schedules / Clarifications

Teams will earn a spot in the Ohio Science Olympiad State Tournament hosted by The Ohio State University. The 2024 tournament is scheduled for Saturday, April 27th, 2024.

The Ohio State University will not take custodial responsibility for minors while participating in the Ohio Science Olympiad Program. Custodial responsibility will remain with teachers, parents, legal guardians, and chaperones. Minors must be properly supervised at all times.

Event Schedules

The 2024 Ohio Science Olympiad State Tournament Schedules 

Divison B Event Schedule

Divison C event schedule

Event Locations

Event Room Assignments

Assigned Event Locations
BuildingRoom NumberEvent NameDivision
Baker Systems Engineering120OpticsB
Baker Systems Engineering 130OpticsC
Baker Systems Engineering 136Wind PowerB
Baker Systems Engineering 140Wind PowerC
Baker Systems Engineering 144Code BustersB
Baker Systems Engineering148Code BustersC
Baker Systems Engineering180Experimental DesignB
Baker Systems Engineering184Experimental DesignC
Baker Systems Engineering198Agricultural Science (Trial Event)B
Baker Systems Engineering260Geological MappingC
Baker Systems Engineering394Baker Systems Event Supervisor Room 
Caldwell Laboratory133Detector BuildingC
Caldwell Laboratory137Road ScholarB
Caldwell Laboratory 171MeteorologyB
Caldwell Laboratory177Cadwell Laboratory Event Supervisor Room 
Caldwell Laboratory220ForestryB
Caldwell Laboratory 277ForestryC
Celeste Laboratory220Crime BustersB
Celeste Laboratory250Chem LabC
Celeste Laboratory230ForensicsC
Celeste Laboratory210Can't Judge a PowderB
Celeste Laboratory170Celeste Laboratory Event Supervisor Room 
Cunz Hall140Write It Do ItB
Cunz Hall150Write It Do ItC
Cunz Hall160Fast FactsB
Cunz Hall180Fermi QuestionsC
Cunz Hall330Cunz Hall Event Supervisor Room 
Dreese Laboratory264Disease Detectives B
Dreese Laboratory266Disease Detectives C
Dreese Laboratory305EcologyB
Dreese Laboratory317EcologyC

Dreese Laboratory

357Dreese Laboratory Event Supervisor Room 
McPherson Chemical Laboratory2047Cybersecurity (Trial Event)C
Orton Hall 110FossilsB/C
Physical Activity and Education Services - PAES 103Roller CoasterB
Physical Activity and Education Services - PAES 105Roller CoasterB
Physical Activity and Education Services - PAES109Roller Coaster ImpoundB
Physical Activity and Education Services - PAES 111PAES Event Supervisor Room 
Scott Laboratory125Anatomy & PhyiologyB
Scott Laboratory48Anatomy & PhyiologyC
Scott Laboratory50Scott Laboratory Event Supervisor Room 
Smith Laboratory1042Dynamic Planet B
Smith Laboratory1048Dynamic Planet C
Smith Laboratory1064Reach for the StarsB
Smith Laboratory1076AstronomyC
Smith Laboratory1138Microbe MissionB
Smith Laboratory1180Microbe MissionC
Smith Laboratory2006Botany (Trial Event)B
Smith Laboratory2144Botany (Trial Event)C
Smith Laboratory2150Smith Laboratory Event Supervisor Room 
RPAC South GymFlightB
RPACSouth GymFlightC
RPACTom W. Davis GymRobot TourC
RPACLounge SpaceTowerB
RPACLounge SpaceTowerC
RPACTom W. Davis GymAir TrajectoryB
RPACTom W. Davis GymAir TrajectoryC
RPACTom W. Davis GymScramblerC
RPACTom W. Davis GymWheeled VehicleB

RPAC Event Locations

RPAC South Gym Photos & Dimensions

UPDATE: Gym height is 33-35 feet. Basketball hoops will be lowered per Event Supervisor request.


Homeroom Locations

Homerooms must be kept clean and must be left in the same condition as you found them. If the Ohio Science Olympiad state office is contacted by an Ohio State building coordinator regarding the cleanliness of your room, your team will be placed on probation should they return next year. Please take all of your trash with you instead of leaving it in the room or hallway.

Help Ohio Science Olympiad remain in good standing with the university!

2024 Homeroom List


OHSO 2024 State Tournament Homeroom Room Assignments
Alexander Jr/Sr HS (Div B)Bolz Hall116
Alexander Jr/Sr HS (Div C)Bolz Hall118
Alter HSCockins Hall312
Anna MSCaldwell Laboratory120
Anthony Wayne HSDreese Laboratory369
Arbor Hills Junior HighEnarson Classroom Building 222
Aurora HSEnarson Classroom Building 243
Beachwood HSEnarson Classroom Building 246
Beachwood MSEnarson Classroom Building 245
Buckeye Junior HighEnarson Classroom Building18
Canal Winchester HSEnarson Classroom Building 15
Canal Winchester MSEnarson Classroom Building 14
Centerville HSCockins Hall240
Chardon HSEnarson Classroom Building258
Chardon MSEnarson Classroom Building254
Cincinnati Country Day SchoolCockins Hall218
Claggett MSDenney Hall238
Copley HSCockins Hall232
Copley MSCockins Hall228
Dublin Coffman HSDenney Hall245
Eastern Local MSDenney Hall250
Fort Frye MSDenney Hall253
Grandview Heights Larson MSBolz Hall311
Granville HSBolz Hall124
Granville MSBolz Hall120
Hadley E. Watts MSSmith Laboratory2180
Hawkin Upper SchoolUniversity Hall38
Hudson HSDenney Hall214
Hudson MSDenney Hall 213
Incarnate Word AcademyBolz Hall313
Kenston HSJournalism Building274
Kenston MSJournalism Building 270
Magsig MSBolz Hall314
Mars Hill AcademyBolz Hall316
Mason MSEnarson Classroom Building326
Mayfield HSBolz Hall318
McCord MSEnarson Classroom Building226
Mentor HSJennings Hall 40
Mentor Memorial MSJennings Hall 60
Monroe Central HSDerby Hall24
New Albany HSDerby Hall30
New Albany MSDerby Hall29
New Philadelphia HSDerby Hall49
Nordonia MSDerby Hall80
Northmont HSDerby Hall48
Northmont MSDerby Hall47
Northview HSEnarson Classroom Building214
Oak Harbor HSEnarson Classroom Building311
Olentangy Liberty HSEnarson Classroom Building 354
Olentangy Orange HSEnarson Classroom Building322
Orrville MSMendenhall Laboratory191
Patterson Park HomeschoolersKnowlton Hall 190
Rocky RIver HSDerby Hall62
Rocky RIver MSDerby Hall60
Seton CatholicEnarson Classroom Building 358
Shawnee HSDenney Hall206
Solon HSUniversity Hall90
Solon MSUniversity Hall86
Springfield HSJennings Hall 160
Springfield Local SchoolsJennings Hall 140
St. Barnabas SchoolDenney Hall207
St. Charles BorromeoMendenhall Laboratory115
St. Edward HSJournalism Building 139
St. Ignatius HSJournalism Building 143
St. XavierJournalism Building 251
Sycamore HSJournalism Building 239
Sylvania Southview HSEnarson Classroom Building218
The Seven Hills SchoolJournalism Building 221
Timberstone Junior HighEnarson Classroom Building 230
Tower Heights MSJournalism Building 304
Upper Arlington HSJournalism Building 353
Van Buren MSBolz Hall317
Warren HSUniversity Hall56
Warren MSUniversity Hall51
West Liberty Salem HSUniversity Hall47
West Liberty Salem MSUniversity Hall43
Westlake HSJournalism Building 375
Westlake Lee Burneson MSJournalism Building 371
William Mason HSEnarson Classroom Building330
Wyoming MSUniversity Hall82


Tournament Clarifications

Agricultural Science Trial Event Clarifications

Section 3.b.i.: Part A - Students will be tested on their knowledge of agricultural science. All Year 1 topics will be tested, with the addition of the following Year 2 topics: pest and animal pathogen management, measuring animal yield (meat and milk production), classical animal breeding. Year one…

Section 3.b.ii.: Prior to the tournament, teams must perform an agricultural experiment on one or more plants. Agricultural experiments should (1) utilize a quick-germinating and container-friendly seed such as radish, bean, pea, or lettuce, and (2) tie to agricultural concerns such as: soil composition, soil pH, soil salinity, soil nutrient availability or ratio, water availability, plant competition. Students will impound…


Cybersecurity Trial Event Clarifications

For Part II: Hands-On Tasks, students will be provided with:

  • a computer and browser, and any required credentials
  • access to an initial project folder with a README file that will detail the specifics of the problems
  • access to an online IDE and run environment based on vscode that supports 60 programming languages (onecompiler.com)
  • sample input and expected output data files

Permitted Resources:

  • access to the assigned problems
  • access to the coding IDE
  • access to the primary documentation for the programming language(s) the team chooses to use

Not permitted:

  • access to Google or StackOverflow or similar general programming help resources
  • access to any AI-assisted coding tool
  • access to any pre-written code that is not in the primary language documentation, including pre-written student code

In addition to writing one or more programs, students will be expected to provide basicdocumentation of their work in a README (markdown) file, including their team number, school, student names, and for each problem, instructions on how to run the corresponding code.  Code submitted for credit must be in human-readable form; students using a compiled language should provide a make file and/or build instructions, as projects that cannot be built will not receive credit.

The Event Supervisor will permit students to bring their own keyboard and/or mouse, but cannot guarantee that it will be possible to use them, as we will all have to work with the available resources on competition day.


Students Below Grade Level Designations

Our tournament acknowledges the national policy stating that "schools with grade levels lower than those stated in a Division are permitted to invite members below the grade level designations". In alignment with this policy, our tournament has implemented the following process for any such students.

The student's parent or guardian, Head Coach, and Principal or Assistant Principal must review the event rules and jointly discuss which event(s) are age-appropriate and safe for the individual student. The Principal or Assistant Principal must then submit a written request containing the following information at least two weeks prior to the tournament:

  1. The student's name, age, and grade level
  2. Certification that the student is in good standing without active behavior or discipline concerns
  3. The list of specific event(s) in which the student would like to participate
  4. Confirmation that the student's parent or guardian, Head Coach, and Principal or Assistant Principal have each reviewed the event rules and unanimously agreed that each event is age-appropriate and safe for the individual student

Within one week of receipt, the Tournament Director(s) will review requests and communicate back a final decision on both the student's overall participation and their participation in each specific event. Decisions will be made with consideration of student safety and district policies.

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