State Tournament Events

Every year, 80 teams earn a spot in the Ohio Science Olympiad State Tournament at The Ohio State University for a fun, exciting, and challenging competition. The upcoming tournament is Saturday, April 27, 2019.

As the state tournament date approaches, be sure to check back to this page for additional details about fun events, the tournament schedule, and local clarifications.


State Tournament Clarifications

The Ohio State University will not take custodial responsibility of minors while participating in the Ohio Science Olympiad Program. Custodial responsibility will remain with teachers, parents, legal guardians, and chaperones and minors must be properly supervised at all times.

Can You Dig It? (Division B Trial Event)

The Can You Dig It? Trial Event at the Ohio State Tournament will use the rules found here. Don't forget to reference A Practical Handbook of Archaeology: A Beginner’s Guide to Unearthing the Past. and The Young Oxford Book of Archaeology, as you prepare for the competition.

Detector Building (Division C Trial Event)

Prebuilt probes already sealed in a water proof housing are not legal whether or not they required calibration.

Ornithology (Division B and Division C Event)

The Ornithology Trial Event at the Ohio State Tournament will use the rules found here and this Bird List.

Event Schedules

The 2019 Ohio Science Olympiad State Tournament schedules 

Information related to local clarifications will be listed in this section of the website as we get closer to the tournament. 2019 Schedule linked below.

Division B Division C


Tours/Fun Event Schedule

2019 Schedule Coming Soon 

The tours and event listed on this schedule are desgined to provide additional opportunites to engage with The Ohio State University.