Event Schedules / Clarifications

Teams will earn a spot in the Virtual Ohio Science Olympiad State Tournament hosted by The Ohio State University. The 2023 tournament is scheduled for Saturday, April 29, 2023 at The Ohio State University.

Event Schedules and Tournament Clarifications

The 2023 Ohio Science Olympiad State Tournament schedules 

Information related to local tournaments will be listed below as we get closer to the tournament. The link below leads to a list of 2022 state tournaments; however, until a 2023 list is available, this link is still useful for answers to Frequently Asked Questions.



To Submit a Question or Review Answers to Previously Asked Questions 

Any clarifications covering event participation and execution submitted to the state office will be posted here. All clarifications will be answered by the state or national office. 

The Ohio State University will not take custodial responsibility for minors while participating in the Ohio Science Olympiad Program. Custodial responsibility will remain with teachers, parents, legal guardians, and chaperones. Minors must be properly supervised at all times.