Ohio Program Registration

The 2023-2024 Ohio Science Olympiad Season Registration is CLOSED.

Since 1985, Science Olympiad has required that all students compete as members of a team, not as individuals. Schools wishing to register a team to compete in any Science Olympiad tournament (invitational, regional, state, or national) must pay to joinregistered statewide program.  Multiple teams from a single school may register, but no more than two teams from any school may participate in a regional tournament (space permitting). Students on the team must all be from a single membership school. Recruiting from neighboring schools, districts, counties, or states is not permitted.

Students may only compete in one division (either Division B or C, not both) at a single school.  There is no exception to this requirement, regardless of what a single team or multiple teams from the same school are called. If a school has multiple teams, Science Olympiad recommends that the best team or at least the best members of the school be permitted to advance to the next level of competition. Only one team per school may advance from the regional level to the state level. No school, region, or state Science Olympiad program is allowed to alter or amend these national membership requirements. 

Registration Fees

The cost of Ohio Science Olympiad is $215 per team. The registration deadline is December 15, 2023.  Teams must be registered with a state office in order to participate in any tournament (ie. Invitational, regional etc.).  Official Regional Tournament assignments will be provided to team coaches during the registration process. Download the free 2024 Science Olympiad Rules Manuals in the Science Olympiad Store.


Payment Information is provided after registration.


A signed Ohio State W9 form may be required by some school districts to initiate/process payment for your Science Olympiad registration.  Please download and print the signed Ohio State W9 form and submit it with your registration invoice.