State Tournament

The Ohio Science Olympiad State Tournament is the culmination of outstanding team performances from Ohio's eight regions.

Eighty teams are invited to The Ohio State University for a fun, exciting, and challenging competition resulting in a chance to compete at the national level. 

The first-place teams from both divisions in each state are invited to the Science Olympiad National Tournament. However, states that fall within the Top 10 registrations for either division throughout the country may be afforded the opportunity (not guaranteed) to send a second team in that division.

As we approach the State Tournament, you will be asked to update your school roster and alternates list in Scilympiad before uploading your final team roster with your Principal's signature. 



As a reminder, teams may add six (6) alternates to the team roster who may participate in trial events. Unfortunately, only one team from a school may participate in each trial event. Teams without a final team roster signed by the Principal will not participate in the State Tournament.



Team Binders and Computer Usage 

  • Although some teams prefer to use electronic binders, due to the high potential that they may trigger some of the "out of browser" warnings built into Scilympiad, electronic binders are discouraged. 

  • Additionally, electronic binders may create a competitive imbalance compared with teams that use traditional binders. As such, the State office expects that teams will use standard/traditional binders.  

  • Unless otherwise specified in the rules (i.e., Astronomy, Game On), during the Ohio State Tournament, the use of a computer is solely to log into the Scilympiad platform to participate in the competition. 


Preventing Technical Issues During Events  

  • Please test student logins the night before the tournament 

  • If a student is unable to see tests, ensure students are using the generated Login IDs to log into the tournament site at this address:


If a student has technical issues during a test, the student should follow the following steps: 

  • First, reach out to the event supervisor through the Scilympiad chatbox 

  • Second, after reaching out to the event supervisor, students should take a screenshot of the technical issue  

  • Finally, students should contact their coach and email a copy of the screenshot 

Please share the above steps with your students to ensure they follow them as closely as possible. I would also encourage teams to have scratch paper to jot down answers if they lose internet connectivity or their responses. 

State Tournament Registration
Online Self-Schedule

There will be limited seating and assigned seating for the Awards Ceremony. Please plan accordingly.