Workshops for Coaches

National Science Olympiad Coaching Workshop

The new Science Olympiad Coaching Workshop being offered this year by the National Office. This workshop will deliver 8 hours of instruction this fall and cover:

  • Everything you need to know about the 2021 Season

  • Effective coaching in light of COVID-19

  • Ways to create impactful practices

  • Question and answers on all the events with National Experts

The workshops will run on four Saturdays: September 19th, September 26th, October 17th and October 24th. All sessions will run from 10 a.m. to noon CT. Registrants will receive all session materials and recordings. 

Registration for the workshop is $100 and can be purchased online at the Science Olympiad store.

National Coaching Workshop Registration


Workshop Wednesday's


Wednesday, October 28th - Virtual Mentoring in Science Olympiad - Mentors are a vital part of Science Olympiad, but this year brings new challenges and opportunities as more and more of our teams move to remote practice. This workshop will cover the basics of good mentoring (no matter where you are), as well as share tips and ideas for mentoring in the virtual space. This training is meant for all volunteers who support Science Olympiad teams (parents, alumni, community members, and industry partners). Register for this workshop!

Virtual Mentoring Registration


Wednesday, November 11th - Test Writing for 2021 Season Tournaments - As we plan for 2021 Season Tournaments, the new Ways to Play mean that more events will be test-based than ever before. This workshop will cover best practices for writing Science Olympiad tests, and is intended for Tournament Directors, Event Supervisors, and anyone else writing tests that will be used at Science Olympiad Tournaments. Register for this workshop!

Test Writing Registration


All of these workshops will be recorded, and barring no tech issues will be shared with all registrants - we encourage you to register even if your schedule may not allow for you to attend live.


Coaches help enhance and foster students' interest in the ever-changing worlds of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

This page provides the resources coaches need to provide students a successful Ohio Science Olympiad experience. Remember--a coach's job is to train, guide, and teach. Students must be responsible and accountable for the team's success. Here's how you can help your team:

  • Know the Science Olympiad rules
  • Set goals for the students
  • Set a criterion for continued participation
  • Be a resource
  • Host regular practices
  • Have fun!

Coaches Traning Manual


Rules Manual

Download the free 2021 Science Olympiad Rules Manuals in the Science Olympiad Store now, and check out MY SO for single-player online tests, free Lesson Plans, and STEM career videos! 

Science Olympiad Rules Manual


Season Planning Update

While the COVID-19 situation still changes daily, the National Office has laid out the most likely scenarios for where students will be learning and have developed a series of models which will allow State Chapters to start the season with enough options and flexibility to provide registered Science Olympiad teams with a good experience, no matter how local situations evolve.

2021 Season Planner Flowchart

MY SO Calendar

Mini SO Event Chart

These new ways to play have already passed through levels of approval by the board and major stakeholder groups. Additionally, for each new way to play the National Office has identified the conditions under which the model is most appropriate.

The dividing line between the two sides of the Season Planner Flowchart is whether students are learning in school or at home. For those attending school at a physical school building, there are the options of a regular Science Olympiad tournament, or the new Satellite SO. For students in distance learning mode where COVID-19 precautions are still in place, we’re adding mini SO, MY SO and the 3 C’s

During these trying times, we are asking you to think differently – to use your incredible network to stay engaged