Event Supervisors

Event supervisors are a dedicated set of volunteers who prepare, facilitate, and score each tournament event in accordance with the event rules.

This page provides event supervisors with the resources to develop challenging, hands-on activities and events for Ohio Science Olympiad participants. Utilizing the resources and materials on this page will also provide a consistent experience for all.

Event Supervisor Training Manual

What is the test review timeline for Event Supervisors creating written exams?

Event Supervisor recruitment by the Volunteer Coordinator

Creation of draft written exams by Event Supervisors

December 16
Event Supervisors submit draft written exams to the Event Quality Coordinator

January 20
Event Supervisors receive feedback on their written exam draft

February 10
Event Supervisors submit revised written exams based on review feedback

March 3
Event Supervisors receive feedback on their revised exam

March 24
If further revisions were requested, Event Supervisors submit the final version of their exam

Who are Event Reviewers and what do they look for when reviewing exams?

Event Reviewers are individuals with both Science Olympiad experience and subject-matter expertise in their specific event. They use a standardized checklist to review written exams for items such as compliance with the rules, answer key accuracy, and appropriate overall difficulty.  Specific criteria include:

  1. Rule Changes have been addressed.
  2. Tests conform to the specs of the event
  3. Tests are appropriate difficulty level for the division
  4. Questions separate levels of performance
  5. The test is a new test, not one used at prior competitions
  6. Questions are appropriate to the time length of the event
  7. Questions only include appropriate topics (example: State competitions do not include national topics)
  8. Questions represent appropriate proportions in the event rules
  9. Tie breaker(s) is/are clearly indicated
  10. Each question is clear and has plausible distractors
  11. The answer key is correct and there is only one “right” answer when appropriate