4/05/21 -  2021 National Tournament team bids up to the 60-spot maximum were filled based on states with the highest reported membership. Ohio gets TWO bids in each Division to the National Tournament!

3/22/21 - For more information on the teams advancing to the Ohio State Tournament. 

3/22/21 - Final Scores: Northeastern Ohio Regional- March 6, 2020; Western Ohio Regional- March 13, 2020

3/16/21 - Regional Award Ceremonies: Virtual award ceremonies will be available via YouTube on Saturday at 6 p.m. Once available on Saturday, you will be able to use these links to access each regional ceremony.

March 6 - Regional Tournament Virtual Ceremony

March 13 - Regional Virtual Tournament Ceremony

1/29/21 - Protein Modeling Resources: Each team needs to read and will use the 3 papers in the Protein Modeling Papers below during the event for both Regionals and State tournaments Protein_Modeling_Papers.

1/28/21 - Interested in learning more about the Scilympiad platform?  There is a nationwide upcoming practice opportunity on Sunday, February 7. This free practice tournament will serve as an opportunity to experience how the different events will be delivered through the Scilympiad platform. Interested teams should register at https://scilympiad.com/sopractice

12/10/20 - Draft tournament schedules have been posted on the State Tournament page.

12/1/20 - Important statewide tournament updates are now available on the Coaches page.

11/11/20 - The Ohio Science Olympiad State Tournament will follow the MiniSo Event Slate https://www.soinc.org/sites/default/files/uploaded_files/2021_MiniEvents_090820.pdf

11/10/20 - Science Olympiad teams have raised more than $14,000 through our DoubleGood partnership this year alone. If you have teams in need of funding this year, please reach out to Katrina with the National Office. This no-contact fundraising platform allows teams to raise money safely, and teams keep 50% of their sales. 

10/16/20 - Wednesday, November 11th - Test Writing for 2021 Season Tournaments - As we plan for 2021 Season Tournaments, the new Ways to Play mean that more events will be test-based than ever before. This workshop will cover best practices for writing Science Olympiad tests and is intended for Tournament Directors, Event Supervisors, and anyone else writing tests that will be used at Science Olympiad Tournaments. Register for this workshop here

10/16/20 - Wednesday, October 28th -Virtual Mentoring in Science Olympiad - Mentors are a vital part of Science Olympiad, but this year brings new challenges and opportunities as more and more of our teams move to remote practice. This workshop will cover the basics of good mentoring (no matter where you are), as well as share tips and ideas for mentoring in the virtual space. This training is meant for all volunteers who support Science Olympiad teams (parents, alumni, community members, and industry partners). Register for this workshop here!

9/25/20 - Interested in learning how to run a Mini SO tournament, if so,  register for the National Office Mini SO workshop here.

9/21/20 - Due to the uncertainty of how Mini SO events will be run/executed, the Centerville Invitational has decided to reconsider hosting a tournament this season.

9/15/20 - New for 2020-2021! A coaching workshop offered by the National Office. For more information visit the Science Olympiad Store

9/15/20 - Download the free 2021 Science Olympiad Rules Manuals in the Science Olympiad Store now

9/15/20 - Check out MY SO for single-player online tests

9/15/20 -  Ways to Play and review Season Planning updates for 2021

9/15/20 - 2021 Ward's Science Olympiad Building and Chem Kits

9/15/20 - 2021 Event Logistics Manual 

9/15/20 - 10-min Volunteer Training for every Science Olympiad volunteer


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2020 - 21 Key Dates

Sat. April 10, 2021
Ohio Science Olympiad State Tournament

May 21 - May 22, 2021

Arizona State University
Science Olympiad National Tournament

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