Regional Tournaments

In Ohio, regional tournaments are qualifying competitions for teams wishing to advance to the state or national level. Each regional tournament abides by the official Science Olympiad rules.

Some regional tournaments allow two teams per school to participate, while others only allow a second team to participate pending space availability. Refunds will not be issued to teams unable to participate in a regional tournament due to space or scheduling conflicts. Teams are encouraged if at all possible to participate in an invitational held on the same day. Regional tournament directors will communicate to all teams assigned to their region (including waitlisted), confirming or denying accommodation.

Organizing and conducting a regional tournament requires significant resources. Therefore, depending on the funding available in your region, it may be necessary for your team to pay an additional regional tournament fee. You may find information about your specific regional tournament and any other fees by contacting the regional tournament director.

* Please Note: All second teams are waitlisted in Ohio until Tournament Directors can determine space accommodations based on team registrations.

Regional Tournament Ceremonies


Virtual award ceremonies will be available via YouTube on Saturday at 6 p.m. Once available on Saturday, you will be able to use the links below to access each regional ceremony. 

When determining who advances to the state tournament, bids are offered to a school rather than to a team. Therefore, when a school has multiple teams, we use the team that has the best overall result to determine if they receive a bid.  Please keep in mind the final results sheet will be a ranking of all teams, not just of schools. 

State Tournament bids will be offered based on a school's best team's performance and may differ from the final results. The master scoresheet will be available following the virtual ceremony.

March 6 - Regional Tournament Virtual Ceremony



March 13 - Regional Virtual Tournament Ceremony

Final Scores - Western Region (3/13)

Registration for the OHSO program has officially closed. 

All participating schools must also be registered through the Ohio Scilympiad website

March 6 Tournament
The schools that are participating in the March 6 Tournament are from the following regions

  • Region 1- Northeastern
  • Region 4- Northern
  • Region 5- Southwestern
  • Region 7- Southeastern

The number of schools advancing to the State Tournament from this tournament:

  • Division B = 24 schools
  • Division C = 25 schools

March 6 Tournament

March 13 Tournament
The schools that are participating in the March 13 Tournament are from the following regions: 

  • Region 2- Western
  • Region 3- Eastern
  • Region 6- Central
  • Region 8- Northwestern

The number of schools advancing to the State Tournament from this tournament:

  • Division B = 26 schools
  • Division C = 25 schools

March 13 Tournament