Explore National Science Olympiad's B and C Division Events

Science Olympiad helps build 21st century skill sets essential to today’s science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) workforce. There are 23 events each in Division B (middle school) and Division C (high school). Follow the links below for this year’s current events – each page is filled with free resources for students, coaches and event supervisors like videos, slide shows, handouts and helpful links. 

  • Listing of all 2022 B EVENTS (middle school)
  • Listing of all 2022 C EVENTS (high school)

Events provide a platform for students to apply and display a wide variety of talents, from design and prototyping, to technical writing, to chemistry lab skills. A team of 15 students pairs up to tackle the 23 events which are generally spaced in six 50-minute blocks across a Saturday, encouraging collaboration, teamwork and cross-training.