Plan for 2022 Regional Tournaments

Ohio regions have set dates for Regional Tournaments, though some do not yet have registration information published. Many regional tournaments are in-person, giving your team an opportunity to interact with other teams.


Region 1: Northeastern Regional Tournament
March 5

Host: John Carroll University
Region 2: Western Regional Tournament
March 19

Host: Piqua High School and Junior High School

Region 3: Eastern Regional Tournament
March 12

Host: The University of Akron
Region 4: Northern Regional Tournament
March 5

Host: St. Ignatius High School
Region 5: Southwestern Regional Tournament
March 5

Host: Xavier University
Region 6: Central Regional Tournament
March 5

Host: New Albany Middle School
Region 7: Southeastern Regional Tournament
March 5

Host: Marietta College
Region 8: Northwestern Regional Tournament
February 26

Host: Bowling Green State University

This is the most current information about regional tournaments. Due to ongoing changes in COVID-19 cases, tournament formats are subject to change. The OHSO website and regional directors will be your primary source for updated information.